Connecting friends, faster.
 Product Design
 iOS, Watch, and Mobile Web Design

Waya is a multi-device application helping users send and receive locations faster. Friend late for coffee? Ping them with Waya to receive a quick and intelligent location.

One of the most important product design goals of Waya, was to create the simplest experience possible with the least amount of friction between actions. Maximizing its utility around a single idea. We achieved this with two simple strategies; first, flushing out the necessary with wire framing and early prototyping to define key user interactions. Then second, make those few valuable interactions as precious and delightful as possible. Test and repeat.

The Complexity Behind the Simple
Increasing Permission Conversions

The key to increasing the chance of getting permissions from a user is to simply remove the unknown and fear associated with this action. One way we did this was by only requesting permissions when the pain point was at its highest and most relevant. Exactly when the user gets value from sharing their location will they be most likely to share it. We then prefaced the colder native permission requests with our own fun tooltips explaining the ‘why’ of what we’re about to do, and how it will add value to their experience.

Creating Less Friction, with Delight